August Make Up & Bags

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August Make Up & Bags

Let’s Talk Make Up

Glowing Skin

In the summer we all love having that glowing sun-kissed skin. Some of us like to go about it the old fashioned way, which is usually by going out and getting a little sun. You can also achieve this look by opting out of baking in the sun, but going to your nearest store and picking up your favorite bronzer. Brushing a thin layer of bronzer on the areas where the sun naturally hits your face which is the T-zone and cheek bones will add a beautiful glow to your skin tone. You can brush it all over if you choose, but make sure you don’t apply too much; you don’t want to overdo it.   The goal is to look as natural as possible.


You can go for a natural look with just mascara or neutral color pallets like brown, taupe, gold, and/or bronze. You can achieve so many looks with these colors by combining them or using them individually with a liner to define the eye. These colors could also be used to create a subtle smoky eye by day that could be intensified as you transition to night by incorporating a dark brown and khol (black) eyeliner, eye-shadow, and mascara. The looks you can create are endless, and don’t forget that you can always add a pop of color.


The lips are a favorite to play around with this summer because your options are unlimited. Lipsticks have made a major comeback in every shade of color like bright bold pinks, corals, and nudes.  Let’s not forget the mattes and glosses. Lip gloss is still a fan favorite. A choice can be made from either clear or tinted in an array of colors. And don’t be afraid to use lip pencils, if matched and blended well it could give your lip color an extra kick.

What to Watch For…

Many of these same trends you will also be seeing this fall, but much bolder and kicked up a notch, such as the smoky-eye, will be much darker and intense with black liner mixed with gold, bronze, or any other personal color choice. Lip color will also be transitioning into fall, with deeper darker, black-reds. These are just a couple of the trends you will be seeing this fall, you can take these trends as they are or you can tailor them to your personal style.

Don’t forget to have fun, play around, and be creative. After all…it’s just makeup.

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