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Talk To Tyler

Do men expect women to bring just as much or more to the table in a relationship?

Relationships are hard work and they can be even more stressful especially if you’re doing all the work while the other person barely contributes.  I believe in relationships, everything should be split down the middle: finances, housework, and controlling the climate of the relationship. When I say everything should be split down the middle that doesn’t mean for a $100 light bill, you have to go 50/50. Agreements can be made where you pay the light bill this month and they’ll pay it next month or you can pay the light bill and they’ll pay another bill. All I’m saying is, both of you should contribute something. Finances, bills, money or the lack there of can break up some of the strongest relationships.

One person should not bare the entire financial load and that goes for bills, credit and savings. When one person carries the financial burden of the entire household on their shoulders things can become strained. It can also make one person feel like they’re taking care of a grown child. Now we all go through hard times and sometimes the only person keeping us up is our spouse/significant other; we all have to lean on somebody sometimes. However, I’m talking about when one person works and the other person sits at home with two fully functioning legs relaxing and chilling. Now if you have someone whose joy is taking care of you, I’m not speaking to you, you should milk that cow for as long as you can. I’m speaking to those of you who are not so lucky.

Nowadays, men prefer to have a woman who will be able to hold her own without him. Most of us are no longer wanting a Mrs. Beaver instead we’re desiring a Claire Huxtable. We want a woman who can prove to us that she can handle it all and we will work harder to make sure she gets it all.

With the changing of the economy, most households require two sources of income anyways. But most of us men still prefer to be the breadwinner.  We still have to feel superior in way. I’m sorry ladies but it’s a man thing. However, we do want our woman to come with her own and know how to maintain her own because if something happens that can put a strain on the finances like the us getting laid off then we need to be sure that our woman will be able to hold it down until we can get back on our feet.

Life happens, and although, us men prefer to be the main financial provider, we can never be certain if that will remain that way which is why we need to make sure we select a woman who not only knows how to be a help-meet to us but when needed can step up and take the lead.

Now, I can’t speak for all men but for most men, I know we prefer a woman who can bring something to the table besides just waiting for it to be brought home to prepare, cook, and serve.


  1. Terence Shaw October 24, 2013 at 7:57 pm - Reply

    The days of a woman being just a housewife, keep the house clean and raise the kids, so be extinct. No woman should wanna be a housewife. It doesn’t intellectually challenge nor financially benefit you at all. In this capitalistic society it is more beneficial for both adults in the household to work. If single mothers (which raised me) are able to cook, clean, work, raise children, and be not only the breadwinner but the only person bringing income in the household , why do this need to be your full time job ???

    If the man wanna pay the bills , then ladies you should tell him ok boo I appreciate that but let me pay this bill here or this bill there. He can still be the breadwinner but you are doing your part too. Ladies don’t stop pursuing your dreams, furthering your education, being creative on how to bring more income in the house.

    A relationship is a partnership and should be treated like one. If you wanna be a housewife , I for one won’t feel sorry for you when you are left without a dime to your name because you haven’t established yourself as a individual first . Support one another , share responsibilities , and it will work out. Just my opinion .

  2. Trenisha Houston October 25, 2013 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    When God was handing out punishments for Adam and Eve eating that apple, I remember it being wrote that women would be responsible for the bearing of kids, painful cramps, raising the household. Which thus far, we’ve pretty much kept up (well, what choice do we have =/).. For men it was supposed to be having to take care of the household. Providing food, working, etc. Times have changed so much since those days but men have gotten away with MURDER when it comes to what God intended for a family to be. Do not get me wrong, I am definitely going to make something of myself and not depend on anyone elses money… especially since I HAVE TO, because men these days are SLACKERS. In any random household, you’ll find a woman with 3 kids, 1st 2 baby daddys took off to be playing daddy to somebody else kids, not paying child support, and barely visiting the kid. The woman is considered “easy” or a “hoe” off top. The last father is probably there, not working or if he is working, he only taking care of his own seed, so the mother is left trying to make ends meet to take care of 3 kids and a grown ass man… Or trying to help pick up the slack from his previous household so he wont go to jail for owing child support. I’ll wrap this up lol… I think that a lot of financial burden, along with household burden has fallen on the woman and we have been forced to take on leadership responsibilities. I have no problem with that since its how I was raised, BUT I would not mind having a seat and allowing my man to take care of me while I take care of home. 😉

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