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Don’t Let Love be the Death of You


A Bad Relationship Can Be Detriment to Your Health

Sometimes when we are single we may get the green eye whenever we see couples out and about holding hands, kissing, and just being in love.  Don’t let your eyes get too green because everything may not be picture perfect.

Many times people are in bad relationships and feel that if they stick through all the bad of it, they will reap the good that is suppose to come from love, but little do they all know that may not be good for our health and they may not live long enough to reap the love’s benefits.  Studies have shown that people, mainly women, who remain in bad, stressed-filled relationships usually, begin to suffer from different forms of health issues.

A broken-heart may not be the only damage to your heart.  Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that reported that women who were involved in strenuous marital relationships are 2.9 times more likely to need heart surgery and/or suffer from heart disease and heart attacks than women who do not endure the stress of relationships.  (The study is also relevant to unmarried couples).  Another study also reported that someone who suffers from severe heart disease and is also involved in a bad relationship obtain a higher risk of dying over a period of four years, and the likelihood to survive is forty-two percent.

Besides, the many heart complications that come from a poor relationship/marriage it can also cause high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, and result in a slower immune system which prevents quicker recoveries from diseases and illnesses.

Mental health is just as important.  A strained relationship can be deadly to the mind; it can be a chronic stressor.  The mental stress then leads to the physical medical complications.  It has been reported that people who are single have better mental health than people who remain in bad relationships.  But let’s not rejoice too much single people because going through too many breakups can also add more stress.  Researchers did a study with men and women, and it was discovered that women who went through multiple breakups endure more mental stress than women who remained single.

Everyone wants to experience love and happiness with that one soul mate.  We may go through many imposters trying to find the “one”.  However, if you’re single do not get down about it because you could be saving yourself from future health complications.  If you are in a bad marriage/relationship take a step back and ask yourself, “Is love really worth dying for?”

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