Bachelor of the Month-MAy

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Bachelor of the Month-MAy

Bachelor of the Month

Bachelor: Christopher A. Haynes


Bio:  Christopher Haynes is a realtor who specializes in apartment locating.  He is an entrepreneur who is looking to establish himself in all aspects of the business world.  Although he is a realtor at the moment, this is not his stopping point.  He says, “I believe limitations are designed by you, and if you place limitations on yourself then it is your own fault when you can’t get any higher.”  He also feels this way with dating; he is not limiting himself on finding that special lady.

Birthdate: October 14, 1987

Hobbies:  “I enjoy working out.  Staying fit and healthy goes hand in hand with reaching and maintaining success.  Also, I experience great enjoyment giving to charities on a frequency.  And I love staying on the social scenes.  You can never know enough people.”

Woman of Interest:  “Looks are a factor but they are not a requirement.  She has to have a beautiful personality.  I prefer women who are more natural with their appearance.  Too much make up or hair extensions sometimes can distract from seeing the natural beauty of a woman.  And she must know how to cook.  Knowing how to boil noodles does not count but if that’s her specialty then she better know how to hook them up.”

A First Date with Christopher:  “I really don’t go all out to try to impress a lady.  I offer coffee and conversation.  I think first dates are meant to get to know each other, if you plan too much on a first date then you may get duked into another.”

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