Bachelor of the Month

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Bachelor of the Month

Bachelor: Terron ‘Tattooron’ Lyons

Occupation: Tattoo Artist

 Bio: Terron ‘Tattooron’ Lyons is a local tattoo artist in Houston. Well-known in Houston for his skills with the needle, Terron is one of the most sought out tattoo artist in the city because of his master art skills. Even though tattooing is his passion, he’s not limiting himself. With plans to extend his creativity in other avenues, he’s setting his sights on creating his own brand. In doing so, he’s getting ready to launch his clothing line, Inkdup. Soon, everyone will have their whole bodies inked up by Tattooron.

Birthdate: July 12th

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hobbies: “During my spare time, I draw. I like pulling out my sketchpad to see how much my mind will allow its creativity to dominate. Also, I love spending time with my two boys, going out for drinks with the fellas, and working out. And if eating can be considered a hobby, I’d say that is one of my favorites. I’m a big dude at heart.”

Woman of Interest: “Before I let a woman get in, I have to see where’s her head, like if she’s ambitious, independent, goal-oriented, and a go-getter. I want a woman with a vision and pursuing it, not just visualizing it. Although I’m attracted to a nice smile and body, my woman has to compliment me mentally as well as physically. She also has to enjoy going out because I’m not a homebody. And can I add that her hygiene must be superb. My woman has to keep herself up.”

A Date with Tattooron: “When a woman goes out with me, she will be entertained none the least because I’m jokester. I aim to please, and want to make sure I am constantly seeing her beautiful smile. After a woman leaves me, she should wake up with that same smile, if not bigger smile, she had that prior night on our date.” CGM

Follow Terron  Lyons :

Twitter :@Tattooron

IG: @Tattooron

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    This post is priceless. When can I find out more?

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