Bachelor of the Month August 2013

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Bachelor of the Month August 2013

Donald Dontae

Career: Trucking Industry/Musician

Date of Birth: May 14

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

BIO: Donald is not your typical blue collar worker.  He understands that there are levels to everything and has not had any problem with starting from the bottom to work his way up because he sees where he wants to be.  He plans to gain all the business knowledge he can with the trucking industry to one day soon start his own trucking company.  He also, plays and creates music for his church’s choir, and is currently copyrighting all his music to get heard by the masses.  “I had to learn that there are levels you must climb.  You can’t get nowhere overnight and I’m willing to continue on the path I’m on in order to get there.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes me to get there as long as I get there.”

HOBBIES: “Ever since a few years ago when I taught myself to play the piano/keyboard, I have grown to love music.  In my spare time, I’m always in my studio lab creating music whether it be a song for my church or just one to add to my portfolio.  I would say music is more than a hobby; it is my passion.”

WOMAN OF INTEREST: “I don’t have a list of specifics when it comes to the type of woman I want.  A woman of my interest will be a woman who can keep my interest.”

A DATE WITH ME: “I don’t like to do anything too extravagant or fancy at first because I want to make sure there is a connection between us first before I pull out all my cards and show my hand.  My date may seem pretty plain to the human eye but the woman will leave with her time well spent and heart filled.”

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