City Girl of the January Month

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City Girl of the January Month

City Girl of the Month: LaDonna Marie Lifts Her Voice

(Poet, LaDonna Marie, Releases Her Second Collection of Poetry, Until Tomorrow Comes)

This past September of 2013 author, LaDonna Marie, released her second collection of poetry, Until Tomorrow Comes. Through her poems LaDonna Marie has inspired and motivated her readers, and her latest collection exemplifies some of her best work.
An author, poet, writer, and motivational speaker discovered her passion for writing at an early pre-teen age. She has taken her gift and allowed her pen to express her inner most feelings and thoughts to help others who may have similar experiences.
She is a program coordinator at Goodwill Industries and a contracted therapist at Malinda Graham & Associates. Along with all of her obligations, she is a mother of two and she makes sure they do not get neglected because of her many ventures.
“I have learned and found having a career in mental health, being a mother, and a writer is about prioritizing and multitasking,” said LaDonna Marie. “With My children being so young, I make sure I explain to them what mommy does and tell them why I do what I do. I find that if I keep them involved by explaining exactly what I do, they will start to understand. Also taking the necessary time to love, care and give them mommy time is always needed.”
Despite it all, she makes sure she writes every day. It is her passion and she wants to feed her passion as much as she can.
“I set time in the evening to write. Whenever a poem comes to mind I make sure that I write it down and come back to it later,” said LaDonna Marie. “Writing is something that I have loved since I was a teen, so I am so thankful that with God it comes naturally and everyday when inspired.”
In Until Tomorrow Comes, LaDonna Marie has taken her words to another height. This collection of poetry uplifts and ignites the soul. Her book titled poem, Until Tomorrow Comes, encourages readers to embrace who they are and what they gone through. The speaker recognizes their imperfections but understands that they have a purpose, which is to love and help others, as God requires us to do.
In another poem, Help Me Unpack, the speaker acknowledges that they have held on to the past but is not sure how to let go of it. As it draws to an end, the speaker discovers that God is the only one who can help them let go and He will deliver them.
BookCoverImageUntil Tomorrow Comes can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The reviews have been overwhelming.
LaDonna Marie also is apart of poetry organizations and has been acknowledged for her contribution to the literary culture. In 2012 she received a Certificate of Congratulations from Congressman Bennie Thompson and was inducted into the Who’s Who in Black Mississippi. She became apart of The League of American Poets in 2007 with her poem featured in the anthology, Whispers.
Living by the motto, “Poetry is an outlet for the heart,” she has used her poems to help heal others who may be enduring pain or hurt. She has a burning determination to make sure she encourages as many people as she can with her gift of writing so they will not give up on any of their dreams.
“Channel all of the fear of trying, to start believing in yourself, and to go after your dream. Take the first step and God will take the next,” said LaDonna Marie. “We were created to have a purpose. Hard work, dedication, and determination are the tools needed in seeing the beauty of your dreams come true. Listen to the passion on the inside, because if you follow your heart, you will feel fulfilled in the journey.”
To learn and read more of LaDonna Marie’s poems and other writings visit her website,


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