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City Girl of the Month

City Girl Magazine would like to ask that all of our supporters support our April City Girl of the Month: Janelle McCalla as she battles with a rare form of cancer. She is in stage four of this horrible disease but we know that God is a healer. We are asking that if you can make a donation to help her please do so by reading and clicking on the link If you cannot make a financial contribution, we are asking for prayers.  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)  We are re-running her feature article so that if you missed reading it, you can see just how amazing this woman is. 

Get Marvelous M.A.D.E. with Cosmetics

(City Girl talks with owner, founder, and creator of the makeup line, M.A.D.E. Cosmetics)

Article by Donielle Pace

CGM: met up with the owner and creator of M.A.D.E. Cosmetics, Janelle McCalla.  She was launching her new products for her line.  I got a chance to speak with her in the midst of customers wanting to purchase makeup and also, get their makeup done by her.  The day was looking already looking successful for Janelle.

CGM:  Hey, how are you doing today?

Janelle:  I’m doing great!  I’m just here doing these lovely ladies’ makeup and showcasing my new makeup products for my line.

CGM:  There are a lot of people who are still not familiar with your makeup line, but it’s been out for quite some time.  What’s the name of your makeup line and exactly how long has your line been out?

Janelle:  My line is called M.A.D.E., and it’s been out for about three years now.  It was created in 2009, but we really expanded and got the brand out in 2010, and now it’s 2013 and we’re still here, going strong.

CGM:  What does M.A.D.E. stand for?

Janelle:  It stands for Marvelous All Day Everyday!

CGM:  You’re definitely representing the brand because you look marvelous!

Janelle:  Thank you.

CGM:  How long have you been creating your own makeup?

Janelle:  About three years as well.

CGM:  What inspired you to not just want to start a line and tag your name to it, but also be the actual creator behind the products?

Janelle:  I’ve loved makeup since I was ten years old, and was always interested in all types of products.  But honestly, I was at a point, even though I was working my corporate job, where I was looking to bring creativity back into my life.  I told myself that there had to be something else, so I set out to getting back into makeup and also, doing makeup.  Somewhere down the line I started thinking what would it take to actually make makeup especially since I loved it so much.  So then, I started to do the research on what it took and what went in to making makeup.

CGM:  That sounded like some serious work, but I know it had to have been fun as well since it’s your passion.

Janelle:  Absolutely.  When you’re doing what you love, it never feels like work.

CGM:  Now, in this competitive market, I mean you’re competing with major brands like Mac, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and other well-known makeup lines, what sets your makeup apart from all of the others?

Janelle:  Basically what sets M.A.D.E. apart from other cosmetic companies is that we really focus on the ingredients that go into our products.  Either we’re focused on having it as natural as it can be up to one hundred percent natural or if it’s not a hundred percent natural it’s going to have key ingredients in it that are going to be beneficial to the skin.  So that’s a key thing that’s very important about M.A.D.E.  I do have a lot of people who have sensitive skin or people who are just more conscious on what they’re putting on their skin, so the fact that I’m able to customize all my products really appeals to a lot of customers.  This is one of the big key factors that separate us.

CGM:  I’m thinking about what I will like for you to customize for me because I do have sensitive skin and I feel that foundation will break out my face so I always steer away from it.

Janelle:  I will definitely make sure I use the purest ingredients when mixing your makeup because makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, not damage it.

CGM:  We, not only came here to interview you for our magazine, but we’re here supporting the launching of your new products for your line.  What are the new products and what do they entail?

Janelle:  I’m super excited about the new products.  We’re showcasing our new liquid foundation.  It’s a liquid foundation that’s made with jojoba oil which is really good for your skin.  We’re also, launching our new loose powder for those who are interested in powder.  It’s a light to medium coverage, and once again it has different jojoba oils in it that are beneficial to the skin.  I also, have a new face primer, which is something that you put on before you put on your makeup, and it gives your skin a real silky feel so that it can extend the wear of your makeup.  I have a setting spray that you can spray on your face after you’ve applied the makeup in order to set the powder in and give it extended wear, and the benefit of this setting spray is that it has white tea and green tea extract which are antioxidant properties that are really good for your skin.  It helps prevent your skin from pollution in the air, and it has properties that will help avoid wrinkles.  Overall, it’s a great refresher spray that you can just put on your skin.

CGM:  Wow!  You’re launching a lot of great products today.

Janelle:  Yea.  I think anyone will be able to benefit from any of these new products.

CGM:  There are women, like myself, who don’t know the first thing when it comes to purchasing makeup or applying it.  What are some tips you can give us?

Janelle:  There are no rules, but there are rules.  With that being said, don’t be afraid to play around with it.  It washes off.  I see a lot of women seem as though they are afraid or don’t know what to do, and it’s okay if you don’t know what to do because that’s how you explore.  So my biggest makeup tip will be to explore.  Get some colors, play around with them, and see what works for you.  Again, makeup is to enhance who you are, not cover up who you are.

CGM:  What are the color trends for the upcoming spring season?

Janelle:  What I’ve noticed as far as color trends are the corals and oranges.  They are hot this season.  I do have a color called, Sunset, which is a beautiful coral color, and for the lipsticks, I have one color called, Spice, and that’s an orange color.

CGM:  Where can customers get their hands on your products?

Janelle:  They can go to the company’s site which is or look us up on Facebook as MADE Cosmetics.

CGM:  Before I let you go, I have one more question.  What advice can you pass on to someone who is looking to start their own business but may be having doubts?

Janelle:  I would tell them to go for it.  If you can turn your passion into your pay-check that is the greatest reward that you will ever receive.  So my advice will be to just do it.  You can take baby steps.  If you do it on a part-time basis, that’s great.  The key is to just get started and don’t doubt yourself.  Turn that passion into your paycheck.  CGM

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