City Girl of the Month July 2013

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City Girl of the Month July 2013

You Can Be Full Figured and Healthy

(Michelle DeRouselle Sets Out to Help Full Figured Women Live Healthier Lives)

City Girl Magazine spoke with Michelle DeRouselle, founder and owner of FFW (Full Figure Woman), who has begun a mission, through her organization, to encourage full figured women to not only embrace their size but learn how to live healthy as well.

What is Full Figure Woman?

FFW Full Figured Woman is a non-profit organization designed to bring knowledge and informative information to women about obesity and becoming healthier.  It’s a fact that women, especially African American women, lead statistics in obesity.

What inspired you to start this organization or support group?

I’ve always been a helper, and now I have the opportunity to really help others with what has often been said to be the hardest thing to do.  I understand the struggle of obesity first hand, and I know we can win at losing the weight.  Once I saw I could do it, I was on a mission to help others.

What are you hoping full figure women will gain after joining your support group?

Knowledge.  Knowledge is power, and if we know better, we do better.  If we know that we can commit to an hour of workout regiments then we will.  If we know that we can skip the dollar menu at McDonald’s, and self-prepare baked chicken breast, grilled or baked fish, and veggies for both, ourselves and family, then we will.

What prompted you to want to change and live a healthier life?

Health.   I wasn’t stricken with any major health issues, but I clearly knew if I remained at two hundred and fifty four pounds being only five foot one, my next step would be a stroke, diabetes, hypertension, or all of the other illnesses that come along with obesity.

What do you feel is the main reason why women (people) remain overweight and may not be willing to change it?

As women, we often put ourselves on the back burner; we sometimes forget that we do matter.  Our health is just as important as a cut on our kids’ knee or a jammed finger our spouse received while playing basketball.

If someone is obese can they still maintain their weight and live a healthy life?

In my opinion, no.   Clearly we understand that one cannot be obese and be healthy, those two are like oil and water, they just don’t mix.  It’s a fact that with obesity comes all sorts of health related issues that will restrict you from living a healthy lifestyle.

Can you explain the details about your summer boot camp and how long will it last?

FFW Fit Body Boot Camp was designed to get people out and active.  FFW boot camp is held every other Saturday.  Our first camp was June 1, 2013, and it’s been a total success.  During the one hour boot camp you will experience 35 minutes of vigorous cardio work-outs, and 25 minutes of ab busting core work-outs.  FFW Fit Body Boot Camp will run through the twenty first of December.

Will each participant be asked to set a weight loss goal by the end of the boot camp?

I tell participants of the boot camp to understand that exercise and healthy eating go hand and hand.  The goal is to incorporate the two into everyday life and live healthier.  I hadn’t thought about having boot camp participants set a weight loss goal by the end of boot camp because many of the individuals participating in the boot camp are already on some type of weight loss regiment, and participating in different activities like boot camp.  These extra activities are just a plus for them.

I know you’ve lost weight already with your new healthy way of living, but do you have a personal weight loss goal you’re hoping to achieve by the end of your boot camp?

Yes, I’ve already lost a total of 55 pounds, but I’d like to lose at least 30 more pounds, and I think that by incorporating more cardio/strength training I will achieve my goal.

What advice can you give someone who feels that it is impossible to lose weight because they have tried diets and exercising, and they feel it did not work for them?

Losing weight is not science it’s math.  You can’t take in more calories than you’re willing to burn.  Nothing is impossible; the word itself say’s IM-Possible so it can be done.  I’m proof.

What are some words of wisdom for people who have dreams and goals set but may feel inadequate or doubt their ability to actually achieve them?

Set achievable, doable, goals.  In other words, set yourself up for success.   If you set small goals, such as I’ll lose five pounds in a month, it’s more achievable and it’s more likely that you will.

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