City Girl of the Month June 2013

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City Girl of the Month June 2013


There’s a New Boss in Houston Making Everyone Say, “Wooorrddd”

(Visionary, Activist, and Poet, Bossie Mossie, is Doing it for the People)

City Girl met up with Bossie Mossie, creator and founder of one of the main open mic events in the city of Houston.  A native of St. Louis, she has brought her Midwest swag to the Lone Star State.  In a predominantly male dominating industry she is holding her own and is a force to be reckoned with.  She has only been out here for a year but you cannot speak of any open mic event without mentioning her name and saying, “wooooorrrrdddd!”

 What is Word of Mouth?

Word Of Mouth is a creative outlet which allows individuals to express who they are and allows them to showcase their talents.  It goes down each and every Wednesday at the Frenetic Theater 5102 Navigation Boulevard.  The doors open at 9pm and the acts start performing at 10pm.

How did you come up with the name and concept for this creative outlet?

The name pretty much speaks for itself.  I wanted to take the people back to a time way before the social networks, the smart phones and the distractions. Word of Mouth brings the people together.  Inspiration awaits us on the stage!

What made you want to come to Houston and start this creative event?

“The Legacy” has always been very important to me as an artist, producer and leader.  Houston has always been a place I saw myself living. And although, the journey hasn’t been easy; it has been worth it.

Has Houston been as receptive as you have hoped?

Yes, Houston has been very receptive with Word Of Mouth and I love the people.  I formed and created this outlet less than a year ago and the growth has been phenomenal.  I look forward to meeting more like-minded people in this huge city.

What have been your struggles with trying to maintain this event?

I have had some major struggles trying to make sure Word of Mouth never misses a Wednesday even if the location has to change.  Someone will always lurk and will always have something to say about whatever it is that the next person is doing.  I listen, take note, and still strive to make my dream a reality. Giving up is not an option.

What is your overall vision for Word of Mouth?

My overall vision for Word Of Mouth is to be great!  Right now I have access to the city’s most talented artists.   I plan to franchise and to expand throughout the country. Keep an eye open for my talent agency!

What is your overall vision for your career as a poet, activist, writer, etc.?

When the teacher would ask the classroom the question “How do you want to be remembered,” my answer then is the same as now: a Legend.  I want to touch and inspire the lives of people wherever I go.

What are the main topics you focus on in your writing and who are you trying to reach through your poetry?

A lot of my writing focuses on life’s surroundings, the struggles and the people.   I’m trying to reach everyone through my writing whether they can relate or not.

What is your favorite piece, and why?

I think my favorite poem would be “The Silence Just Sits.”  This poem is my favorite because there is so much going on in this world and in this piece I mention them, even though these issues still exist they are ignored.

I know you have a full Word of Mouth team filled with promoters and artists.  How did you build this team and who are some artists on your roster that the city should watch out for?

When I first moved to Houston I knew exactly what I needed to do to make this movement pop: networking.  I was out in the streets hard, promoting and scouting for talent.  I was utilizing the web through Twitter mainly, and Facebook.  A few artist you can catch doing their thing weekly is LOL(Lessons Of Love), Nuhtay, JusJade, PacePoetry, JayRon, Mookie(first day of skool),  Live N Learn and of course  DJ Elevated in the mix.  They are all dope artists and consist of my Word of Mouth team.

What is some advice you can give someone who wants to pursue their dream but may be doubtful?

NEVER EVER GIVE UP!  When people try to discourage you, because they will, you should go even harder.   Become your number one fan and fall in love with your craft.  Believe in yourself!

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