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City Girl of The Month

Preme Butik Feature Article

It is approaching two years since Michelle Okosun had her grand opening for her boutique shop, Preme Butik, and already it is creating a loud buzz around the city of Houston.  Everyone wants something from Preme Butik hanging in their closet.Okosun opened Preme Butik on Dec. 18, 2010 at 1635 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077, and Okosun set out to make sure her vision for her boutique represented the meaning of her shop.”Preme is for premature.  I was a premature baby so I always felt like I came before my time, so I wanted a store to reflect me and others like me.  The spelling of ‘butik’ (boutique) is Danish which means exclusive.

Together I came up with Preme Butik where you can get all the exclusive trends and styles before they become mainstream,” said Okosun.Okosun developed a love for fashion at an early age when she was five her father would take her to work with him at the Miller’s Outpost.  There is where she learned and started studied fashion.”I learned all about fashion and designers, so opening a boutique has always been a dream of mine,” said Okosun.Okosun makes sure the vision that she has for her boutique is implemented which is why she is the primary buyer for her shop.  Preme Butik carries clothes and accessories from international and local designers.”I actually buy all my clothes for my store.  I feel like no one will truly understand my vision but me,” said Okosun.

“I actually buy all my clothes for my store.  I feel like no one will truly understand my vision but me,” said Okosun. Since Okosun makes sure she keeps her hands over every detail of her shop, there is no surprise that within Preme Butik’s first year of opening it reached a not so anticipated success.”I didn’t think we would do that good our first year.  I knew the first year was going to be hard but we made a profit within our first year which is unheard of,” said Okosun.
Despite a few doubters, Preme Butik is working on its second successful year of business.  Okosun ignored the negative comments that tried to prevent her from fulfilling her dream.
“I learned not to share your dreams with everyone because everyone will not believe in you.  Keep it a secret and keep it moving,” said Okosun. Since Okosun was able to achieve her goals and pursue her dream she wants to help others who are ready to work to achieve theirs as well.”I think if you start young, you can retire early and help others,” said Okosun.  CGM

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