City Girl’s Artists on Review

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City Girl’s Artists on Review

Houston is filled with talent, but we are too deaf to the mass of talent that we have in our own city. However, City Girl has our ears to the streets and we have spotted two gifted singers right in the heart of our city.  Jermany and Justine Coney are our artists on review.

These two ladies may be blood sisters but they both have a style all their own.  Although they collaborate and write on each other’s music their music are totally opposite. Jermany brings it with the rough yet still dainty sound.  Her notes will draw you right into her songs.  In her song, Stronger, she sings about how a heartbreak didn’t break her down instead it restored her to be greater.  This song is a true anthem for anyone who has endured extreme heartbreak.

In contrast to Justine, whose lyrics are extremely blunt and straightforward.  Backed with edgy and hardcore beats, Justine belts out an attitude that defines her music.  Her song Bang Bang displays a confident woman who knows the worth and power of her love.

These lovely and talented ladies will definitely be making noise soon.  Houston has talent!

Follow Jermany and Justine Coney:

Jermany: Instagram/Twitter @JERMANYYYY

Justine: Instagram: @Justine_Justine; Twitter: @Justine_X2

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