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May is Anxiety Disorder Awareness Month

 Over 23 million people suffer from anxiety disorders every year.  Anxiety disorders surface from irrational dread of everyday situations.  Women are twice likely to suffer from anxiety disorders than men.

Many young women are becoming more frequent patients to be treated for anxiety disorders.  Anxiety disorders can be treated if diagnosed correctly with antianxiety medication and psychotherapy prescribed by a psychiatrist.  However, many women go untreated and suffer with anxiety for years because they convince themselves that this is normal.  Many women begin to experience signs of anxiety by the age of 22.

A few factors that rise anxiety among women are: environmental hazards, job security, and their men cheating on them.  Stressful news can take a toll on women, and the anxiety can become extreme.  Here are a few common anxiety disorders and their symptoms:

Phobias This disorder attributes to about 12 percent of people who suffer from anxiety disorders.  People who deal with phobias experience terror, dread, or panic when exposed to a feared object, situation, or activity.  The most common phobia and anxiety disorder is social phobia, which is an extreme fear of being judged by others.  Phobias create an extreme or irrational fear and can affect them in their work and social affairs.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD):  When someone suffers from GAD they experience unrealistic and excessive anxiety.  They are always anticipating something extremely tragic to happen.  They may stress over finances, health, family, or just getting through the day.  Symptoms for GAD include but are not limited to: extreme fatigue, headaches, difficulty swallowing, irritableness, and hot flashes.

Panic Disorder:  People with panic disorders have feelings of terror that attack them at any moment.  When someone is getting ready to have an attack they cannot feel it coming, and will gain intense stress trying to predict when the next episode will occur.  Symptoms for panic disorder include but are not limited to: heart palpitations, hot or cold flashes, trembling, or shortness of breath.  A first encounter with a panic attack can be mistaken for a heart attack because of feelings like chest pains.

If you feel like you may have any case of anxiety, it is best that you research different anxieties along with the symptoms you’re having.  If you feel that your symptoms match any disorder it is best for you to make an appointment with a doctor to be tested and diagnosed properly.  Do not ignore the signs or feel that this is normal because anxiety can cause conflicting issues within your life.

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