Welcome To City Girl Magazine

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Welcome To City Girl Magazine

Welcome to City Girl Magazine online…

The concept of City Girl Magazine was created by three sisters living in Houston, TX.
The idea came from our desire to acknowledge positive and strong women in their roles
of dedication and inspiration within their communities.

Our Mission is to tell the stories of women in the city of Houston, of all nationalities, who
are setting their own trends in various fields such as businesses, marketing, health,
community involvement, and etc. At City Girl Magazine, we feel that women in the
Houston area should be recognized for their many endeavors. As we celebrate beautiful
and successful women throughout the Houston metropolitan area, we also set out to
enlighten women on other topics of interests such as fashion, beauty, and relationships.
Ultimately, our desire is to celebrate the diversity as well as the commonality of all women.

From one City Girl to another, we’re celebrating you!!!

The Pace Sisters

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