Everyone Needs to Have Haute Hair

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Everyone Needs to Have Haute Hair

Written by: Donielle Pace

City Girl had the opportunity to be on the photo shoot set of Tristan Frugé’s, owner and creator of Haute Frugé, new wig line. Tristan takes a moment to speak to City Girl about Haute Frugé and her custom-made wigs.

What is Haute Frugé?
It is a private studio salon that caters to women of all ethnicities and provides all services to hair.  However, we don’t do too many styles for natural hair, but we do treat natural hair. We use products that are eco-friendly, which are organic products. These products are extremely healthy for the hair because they’re organic and do not have any chemicals in them.

When was Haute Frugé’s launch date?
I launched Haute Frugé as a hair salon around September of 2013 when I parted from Jazzy Girls.

You started out as a hair stylist at Jazzy Girls Boutique, what prompted you to branch out on your own and start Haute Frugé?
I started it because the owner of Jazzy Girl, Velma Trayham, decided to pursue her dream and focus fully on her PR company. We all came to a mutual understanding that everyone was going to follow their individual dreams and head into different directions. Everyone was in support of each other. Sometimes when you pray, God removes things and place you in a position where He wants you to be.

What were some challenges that you had to encounter with launching Haute Frugé?
Some challenges I’ve had would probably be finding a good location.  Coming from Jazzy Girls, there is a certain standard that my clients are used to, and I wanted to make sure that my clients were still comfortable and willing to follow me.  Also, marketing is really challenging for me because I’m not that good at it, which is why I’m so grateful for my mentor, Velma Trayham, assisting me and giving me pointers in that area. She’s helped me in such a big way; I truly thank God for her being in my life!

Was there ever a time when you felt like quitting?
Hell yea!  There have been many of times when I felt like quitting, but I learned that’s when you work the hardest.  I just kept going because this is what I love to do.  I get tired, but I’d rather be tired than broke!

Give us some details about your new wig line.  What is your vision behind it?
I started the wig line unintentionally.  I remember one time having to cut off all my hair because it had become extremely damaged, and I made a vow to myself to never let that happen again.  I began making a few wigs for myself because I was so busy and hardly had time to care for my own hair (still don’t), and I didn’t want it damaged. All my wigs are custom-made, styled, and colored. My vision behind Haute Frugé Wigs is for it to go as far as it can.  I have no limits for it. Haute Frugé is my baby and just like any mother, I want to see it grow to its full potential.  We want all women who have busy schedules: working corporate jobs, working out, tending to their homes, and etc. who love to switch up their styles off the clock and have a hard time managing their hair to know that there is a way to have it all but with style and quality! At the end of the day, I want everyone to be able to say that they’ve worn a Haute Frugé wig at least once in their life.

What information will a customer need to bring you in order for you to custom design their wig?
I need to know their desired style, color, and lace.  Our wigs are one size fits all but can be sized if necessary.  I will need to know their overall vision for how they want their hair to look.  They can send all of that to hautehairhouston@gmail.com.  And they can send their money. (laughs)  Also, if it’s a specific type of hair they prefer, we ask that they send their hair as well.

What separates Haute Frugé from other hair companies?
We truly care about our clients having healthy hair.  We want all our clients’ hair to be healthy, not just rocking cute styles.  We genuinely care about our clients, their hair health, and the environment.  We want to push forth that image that we really do care.  Again, we are cautious about what products we use because some products may cause cancer or other health conditions, which is why we only use those eco-friendly products.  We care!

What advice can you give someone who has a dream they will like to pursue but doubt their capabilities to achieve it?
That moment that scares you the most is when you need to do it.  It is scary stepping out into the unknown and not knowing where it is going to take you, but it’s always worth the risk whether it goes the way you want or not. Most people who are successful had to step out of their comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary.  That’s the only way to truly live with the freedom of waking up every morning doing what you love versus what you have to do. It’s okay to have fear, but don’t become dormant there.  CGM
To book your hair appointment or request your custom made wigs contact Tristan at www.hautefruge.com and follow her Instagram: @hautehairhouston.

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