Health Check Up

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Health Check Up

Does Your Doctor Know Your Name?

(Do Not Neglect Seeing Your Doctor on a Regular Basis)

            If we feel an ongoing sharp pain in our side or lower abdomen or if we suffer from an unbearable irritation in our vaginal area, we know that a doctor’s appointment should be scheduled as soon as possible.  But what if we do not feel any symptoms?  Should we not make a regular visit to the doctor?

There is no reason why your doctor should not know you.  Your doctor should receive a visit from you at least once a year.  You may not need to get everything checked on every visit but a general physical examination is necessary once a year.

During the physical, doctors will check your blood pressure, cholesterol, test for STDs (if you are sexually active), and administer the necessary immunizations such as flu shots.  These general physicals are for you and your doctor to ensure that you are healthy and receive the proper medications and treatments if needed.

All of us, women, should have a regular primary care physician (PCP) and gynecologist.  The PCP is for the regular physicals while the gynecologist will check your vaginal organs.  You should get a pelvic exam once a year, which tests for any signs of bacteria infections, cancer, and other abnormal conditions.  A pap smear should also be done once a year which tests for any signs of cervical cancer.  Regular mammogram tests should be done every year or every other year, starting at age 40.

Also, do not forget that oral, vision, and hearing examinations are important as well.  They should not get neglected as they are intricate examinations to ensure that you are maintaining good health.

Let’s not wait until we have a severe ache or pain before we decide to visit a doctor because it may be too late for a doctor to help us.  Make regular doctor visits a priority.  Your health depends on it. CGM

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