June 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Let Him Dive In

(Having Sex on a Regular May Keep the Doctor Away)

After reading Steve Harvey’s book, “Act like a Lady but Think like a Man,” us, women have been trying to stay in control by keeping our cookies in the cookie jar, but we may need to let him twist that top off and dive in for the cookie.  Researchers have found that an active sex life, having sex at least twice a week, is beneficial towards our health while an inactive sex life may be the opposite.

Here are 10 reasons how sex contributes to good health:

  1. It reduces stress.  Sex aides in our mental and emotional balance while not having sex can be a contributor of a few anxiety disorders like paranoia.
  2. It can be beauty regimen.  When a woman has sex her body’s estrogen level increases which may soften the skin and add shine to the hair.  Also, the sweating can cleanse the skin’s pores.
  3. It can help weight loss.  Having sex can burn up to 200 calories which is equivalent to about a fifteen minute session on a treadmill.  During sex you will burn fat and carbs.
  4. It can relieve pain.  Sex works far better than any medicine or drug to ease pains such as a migraines or arthritis because the hormone oxytocin level rises five times which causes a magnificent amount of endorphins to release.  With migraines, the pressures in the blood vessels lower during sex which causes the migraine to fade away.
  5. It reduces chances of getting colds or the flu.  Having sex once or twice a week will boost your immune system.  Also, it will help calm asthma and allergies.
  6. It reduces your cholesterol.  Sex helps balance your cholesterol ratio of good/bad cholesterol.
  7. It’s beneficial for your heart.  The estrogen protects the woman’s heart.  It also, helps blood circulation, mainly in the brain.
  8. It helps control your bladder.  Having sex strengthens your pelvis muscles, which helps control your urine flow.
  9. It increases sleep quality.  The body becomes extremely relaxed after an orgasm and causes us to fall into a good deep sleep.
  10. It increases your lifespan.  Research has shown that having sex consistently increases a human’s lifespan.  The reason for this may be because of the decrease in stress hormones after having sex.

The next time you’re not feeling in the mood, remember that it will be for your own good…health!

May 2013


Did You Know

April is Alcohol Awareness month. 

A nationwide campaign intended to raise awareness of the health and social problems that excessive alcohol consumption can cause for individuals, their families, and their communities.

The health risks associated with women that drink obsessively include the following.

  • Increases their risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and strokes, which are already leading causes of death in women.
  • Cirrhosis, the final phase of alcoholic liver disease due to years of heavy drinking
  • Increases risks of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Alcohol affects women totally different from men. Women tend to absorb more alcohol when they drink, and take longer to break it down and remove it from their bodies compared to their male counterparts. These differences are caused by differences in body composition and chemistry between men and women. Even when they drink the same amount of alcohol, women tend to have higher levels of alcohol in their blood than men, and the immediate effects of impairment occur more quickly and last longer.

Not to mention that women who drink obsessively put themselves in a great risk of sexual assault and sexually transmitted diseases.

For more information about Alcohol Awareness or the effects alcohol has on women go to