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Make Up Bag

Say No to the French Tips!

(Get Creative with Your Nails)

For a while, the French manicure has been the professional and safe look to go for when it came to getting your nails done but that is no longer the case. Nail techs are getting more creative and letting it show, so do not be afraid to get bold with your nails.

Vibrant colored and designed nails are in style more than ever now. It may be hard at first especially if you are in the corporate world but dare yourself to step out of the box. Before you start with any designs, test out a color that you will normally shy away from when selecting a color for your nails then this will help you branch out into different designs as well.

The trend has been set now it’s time you embrace it and take it up a notch. Do not keep it safe any longer with your nails.

Remember, the fall season is here so the dark colors like dark reds, maroons, purples, and dark oranges are the colors to get. Touch them up with a whacky design and you are set!



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