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Spring is Over…Summer is Here and in Full Force! What About Your Wardrobe?

 There are quite a few trends that have transitioned over from spring and if you have some of these pieces in your closet you are well ahead of the game.

 For instance, floras and pastels are still on the scene. We are seeing floral prints everywhere. You can rock this trend as one whole unit such as a dress, jump suite, or overalls or you can opt to wear it separate either as a floral printed top, shorts, or cropped jeans.

 The next trend you want to go for is leather.  Now you want to avoid head to toe leather because it will be a hot summer, but you can definitely go for a leather mini skirt, shorts, or even a leather top.  Leather can give off a look of luxury, edginess, or both.  Pairing your leather pieces with the right accessories will give you the look you want, while keeping cool and looking hot all at the same time.

 We are still in love with anything black and white but we suggest a pattern to jazz it up a bit like stripes that are big and chunky or polka dots. And if you are not a fan of black and white, then go with a color like navy blue, mint green or orange hue, which are must wear colors for the summer. And we know that orange could be quite bold of a color, so if you want to keep it subtle and simple then try a coral or peachy pastel orange, but if you are more daring then let’s go all out with neon, fiery red, or burnt orange.

You can go with one or all of these trends to spice up your summer style.  Don’t forget hair, makeup, and accessories are highly important to pull your entire look off.

Spring Trends

This spring we are seeing… Bright Bold Colors, Floral Prints, and BLACK &WHITE.  And of course, who doesn’t love a great Maxi dress, rather it’s plain or striped, straps or halters?!












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