Skirts & Stilettos Music Edition

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Skirts & Stilettos Music Edition


It seems like the music industry today has filled itself with copycats.  When you turn on the radio there is a redundancy that permeates our ears.  We may have a few artists who have stepped out of the box but they make sure they don’t stray far from the corners.  But do not get dismayed, there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

In the city of Houston, Texas there is a live young band, The C.I.T.Y., demanding their presence on the music scene with their new mixtape, StayTuned, that released September 5th and it is what true music lovers have been waiting for.

This seven-piece band which consists of vocals (RaShard), lead guitar (Dero), drums (QuickSticks), bass (Killa Cam), saxophone (C-Note), trombone (King Richard), and keyboard (Big Keys) has orchestrated a harmonic blend of tunes that anyone will be able to tap their feet and move to.

StayTuned opens us up with a glimpse of the band’s powerful spiritual lives by a live recorded prayer said amongst the band-mates and sets a scene as if they are about to hit the stage then heavily bangs us with the soulful upbeat song, Pretty Girls.  They hit us with more soul tunes then give us R&B fans a dose of what we’ve been missing with their hit single, Superbad, and Please Don’t Let Go, a good old fashioned baby-making song.  Right when we think we’ve figured them out, they surprise us with Obvious, a rock song with a clever spin on someone’s thoughts the morning after a one night stand.  They also, display to us their funk roots with the songs, C.I.T.Y. Glide and Johnny Law and soothe our souls with Everyday, a heart-felt love ballad.

Throughout the album they give us interludes of recorded interviews from legendary influential bands like George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelics and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, whom both have paved a way for bands like The C.I.T.Y. who are well on their way themselves to becoming a legendary band in their own right.

There are not many good albums that are as well-pieced together as this one that makes listeners feel as if they’ve entered onto a journey.  And let’s not forget that it has broken so many musical barriers giving us all something we can tune in to.  StayTuned should definitely be added to your playlist. You can download it from their official website CGM

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