South by Southwest (SXSW)

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South by Southwest (SXSW)

Austin Does it Again!

(A Recap of SXSW International Film and Music Festival in Austin, TX)

Article by: Donielle Pace

       The buzz went all around the nation, as people from all over flew in or drove hundreds of miles to come to Austin, TX to either showcase their musical talents or support the art of music for the annual SXSW Film and Music Festival which took place from March 8th to March 17th.  CGM hit the streets to check out the musical talents, test the different foods from the food trucks, and also peep the diverse styles of fashion.

            SXSW Film and Music International Festival celebrated it’s twenty-sixth year of reigning one of the most sought out festivals to attend, and for most aspiring artists, their one shot at getting closer to fame.  The artists, along with many supporters of the arts, definitely came out and showed up.

            One band, The C.I.T.Y., who’s from Houston, TX and creating a buzz of their own around the city, shut down the whole block of Congress with their own performance segment in front of Ms. P’s Electric Cock at 1101 South Congress.  With their tunes mixed with funk, soul, r&b, hip hop, and even a little rock, The C.I.T.Y. showed Austin they were a force to be reckoned with as a crowd gathered on the block of all ages ranging from little kids to older adults who were all jamming and partying to the tunes.  “We don’t just perform, we party,” said RaShard, the lead singer of the band.  And they definitely started a block party on the Congress strip.

There were even a few well-known musical artists who had shows in the city, such as Kendric Lamar and Trinidad James.  The lines to get in their shows were wrapped around the corners, and people didn’t seem to mind the wait or the long lines.

            The food trucks laced the streets and catered to whatever taste of food you were craving: breakfast tacos, fried chicken, hot dogs, and much more.  It was impossible to miss any meals while walking the streets.

            The street fashion was all the way hot.  Everyone rocked their own styles from vintage to rock star.  You could tell that no one was scared to step out of their comfort zone of fashion.  People weren’t following trends, they were setting their own.

            The highlight of the trip for us was meeting 50 Cent who stayed in the same hotel as us.  We couldn’t get any pictures because of his rude entourage, but seeing him in person was very easy on the eyes.  He was looking better than ever.

            It was an amazing experience attending SXSW.  All the diversity and talent that ambushed Austin was indeed a trip to remember.

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