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Do men start to feel Inadequate if there is a lack of Affection and/or Praise in the household.


Inadequate is thus; Not adequate or sufficient; inept or unsuitable


A lack of affection can affect a household in several different ways. The amount of affection your spouse (man) shows you is directly related to how you make him feel in most cases. True, you have some Men and Women that were raised in an emotionless/affectionless home. For those people who were raised like that, you have to mentally process the fact that the person you are dealing with will not or very seldom show affection and/or emotion.  Most of us want….Correction, NEED to feel affection from our significant other, but sometimes some of us must understand that everyone is not fit for that type of relationship.

 Men egos are our “everything”, and if we make an advance towards you with something as simple as a kiss, and get rejected on multiple occasions; that lack of affection will eventually start to take a toll on our ego.  Once your spouse ego has been bruised, it’s going to be hard for your man to treat you how you are supposed to be treated if he feels inadequate himself.

  As you are probably already aware of, Men do not take rejection well, especially when it’s coming from the women he’s seriously involved/in love with. We, as men question ourselves on rather you really like us or are you just putting up with us until something better comes your way.  We ask ourselves “is she getting the affection that we are lacking, from somewhere or somebody else?”  Men are extremely prideful individuals and if we feel as thou our partner is getting affection from somewhere else, other than us, then we will mentally check out of the relationship.

  Some of us are in relationships right now, where our partners have already mentally checked out.  The worst thing in the world is to be in a relationship where one or both partners are just going thru the “motions of a relationship”, and feeling discontent towards the other.  There is no affection is shown on either side, and you have basically become room-mates if you are in a situation where you are living together. You talk everyday because it’s what you are used to doing, not because you genuinely care about how their day is going or even to hear the sound of their voice. At this point, every little thing starts get on your nervous… the way he sneezes or how he coughs at the dinner table will piss you off.

  The same thing goes for showing your partner a little praise in the household as well. We are all aware that even if you’re meant to be with this person, being in a relationship is hard work, no matter what. Just like at your 9-5, you would want for someone to recognize the hard work you’ve been doing.  I know it may sound a little funny, but positive reinforcement and encourage can “only” help.

  We (men) do not need to be overly praised but we do like to know that we are appreciated, and even if your man tells you he doesn’t care about that type of stuff… HE DOES and again, IT CAN ONLY HELP!!! When you make your man feel like a MAN, he’ll go out of his way to make you feel just as happy as you make him feel.

  Ladies, stroke his ego and I know what you are sayings “Men and their Egos”, but we (men) all having them, and you have to be accommodating in that area. On occasions, just tell him “You really enjoy being with him and you appreciate every thing he does”…. (I know you don’t appreciate everything) but just say it; and you’ll notice a difference in the way he interacts with you. Always remember, WOMEN LIKE TO FEEL WANTED, but MEN LOVE TO FEEL NEEDED.

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