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Talk to Tyler July 2013

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When should I introduce my new guy to my Friends and Family?



“When should I introduce my new boyfriend to my friends and family?”  This is a question that should be handled with care. When deciding a good time frame to introduce your new guy to family and friends remember that if your friends and family don’t approve of your new relationship it’s going be very hard to incorporate the two without one or both sides feeling uncomfortable when together.  Now, you may find people whose views differ from mine.

I think friends and family should meet your new love after about three to four months or at least when both of you feel that the relationship is getting serious.  (I think your friends should meet your new love interest first, only because you spend more time with them.  This doesn’t mean that their opinion is more important than the ones of your family).

By this time you know a good bit about them such as their mannerisms and how they act in certain situations that presented to them.  Also, most importantly you’ve had your time to establish whether or not you can see the relationship prospering further.

What you don’t want to do is introduce us too early like within a month of dating because it can give off a sense of desperation, and that may cause us to take a step back.  Introducing us too early sometimes can scare us off because family is a big responsibility and the last thing we want to do is send the wrong impression to you or them especially about something that is too soon to tell.  Remember a lot of times the first impression can be the last impression.

A lot of us feel that friends and family approval is very important for a successful relationship you really just want to know your family/friends opinions before jumping in too deep.  We often say that people’s opinions of us really don’t matter, but that is not necessarily true.  Friends and family’s opinions are very important to us, and it’s a must, that on the initial introduction, our new mate gets along with both groups.  Men know, at least most of us do,  that as long as the best friend likes us, we’re good!

And remember ladies, the number one woman in a man’s life, who does not have a daughter, is his MOTHER or whoever his mother figure in his life is!  If you can get a guy’s mother’s approval of you, you’re half way home.

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