Talk To Tyler …. Men & Valentine’s Day

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Talk To Tyler …. Men & Valentine’s Day

Talk To Tyler …. Men & Valentine’s Day            

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has accumulated many different opinions and views.  Most women treat this day equivalent to an anniversary while men hold many mixed views and approach the day in different ways.

There is the guy who takes the day just as serious as his woman.  He will go all out for his woman: chocolates, flowers, diamonds, romantic dinners, and all of the above. He does everything a woman would envision for Feb. 14th.

Second, there’s the guy who totally disregards the day and acts as if Feb. 14th doesn’t exist. The month of February already has only 28 days, 29 in a leap year, so he cuts it even shorter.

Then last, there’s the guy who really just want to put a smile on his woman’s face. (This is me).  He really could care less about the day, but since baby expects something, he’ll try his best to make her happy.  Now, that doesn’t mean he’s going to buy everything in the store but he’ll definitely do just enough to make her smile, even though he really doesn’t care for the day. This is the category that most men fall in.

We understand that doing “nothing” on that day, will make our lives harder, for at least a month, and we’ll be reminded of it throughout the year! Most of us, really do not mind doing whatever it takes to make that day special to our women, but the expectations of that day are unreachable to the average man. Even if we give you exactly what you wanted, one of your friends will Facebook, Instagram or twitpic a picture of what their man got them, and suddenly our gift is diminished.  The way we treated you throughout the year no longer matters because it comes down to this one day.  This is when our love for you will be critiqued on how aligned it is with what we decided to do or get for you.  (This is the part where the average man has difficulties accepting).

Unfortunately, many women tend to compete with their friends to see whose man loves them most, ignoring everything that their man has done for them throughout the year.  For instance, some women will look at what Sally’s man did for her, and if their man does not meet or exceed that, his love is questioned. (That’s unfair to us)!  Sally’s man may not come home at night or may have 3 more Sallys on the side, but women wouldn’t take that into consideration.

Ladies, would you rather have a man who’s there for you throughout the year and attentive to all your needs and wants?  Or would you rather have that man who’s missing 182 days of the year, doesn’t answer his phone after 7pm, and have to track his where-abouts through online investigations on social networks, but goes all out for Valentine’s Day?

A good man doesn’t allow a day to determine his love for his woman, but if that day is important to his woman then he will make sure he shows it is important to him as well.  His main concern is pleasing his woman and making sure she is happy.  The saying goes, “If  Momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy”.


He doesn’t want a gift, or should I say, he doesn’t expect a gift, at least, not one that can be bought out the store.  He will, more than likely, want some honey at the end of the night.  (We’ll never complain about that).  But one thing is for sure, he doesn’t want to be in competition with Sally’s man.

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