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What date is it ok to sleep with a guy?



I posed this question to twenty-five of my closest male friends and the answers that I received back varied. Some guys said date number four or five, because dates one through three, you’re still trying learn each other.  For example, you probably haven’t seen each other pig out on some ribs or been to each other’s house yet to see if it’s a clean environment or a dirty sand box with four walls around it.

Some of the guys that were asked, didn’t give a specific date number where it would be ok to sleep with them, some gave time periods. It depends on the guys you’re dating and their maturity level as to what date it’s ok to sleep together.

While I may not have discovered the exact answer to the question, I did find out what date you should not sleep with him: the first date, The first date is not the date you should give it up. Out of the twenty-five guys that were being interviewed, they all agreed that if you sleep with them on the first date you have ultimately concreted your position with him. It doesn’t matter how much he likes you, he will either lose respect for you or feel as though you don’t have enough respect for yourself to be with him. The thought that goes through our minds is “If she did it with me on the first date, there’s no telling how many other people she has slept with on the first date”.  I know ladies, it’s a double standard because we slept with you too, but our society is full of double standards.  Show me one night, anywhere in America, where men get in the club free all night and women have to stand in line and pay.  My point exactly!  You have to understand that there will always be double standards, so take heed to my warning.

Honestly ladies, men are going to try to have sex with you as soon as possible, even the first date.  All men, even the good ones, will try to go for the home run but don’t really expect to get it. However, if you happen to give in to our advances on the first date, your fate is sealed! You will only and forever be ‘late night hype’. If you don’t know what a ‘late night hype’ is, ask the guy you’re dating now to take you out during the day time, if he has a thousand excuses or just plain says no, you’re his ‘late night hype’!  If this is you, get out of that situation and find you someone who will date you when the SUN is OUT!!!

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