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If You’re Thinking Big…ThinkZilla

City Girl caught up with the lovely ladies of ThinkZilla Consulting Group, Ebony Porter-Ike and Velma Trayham.  These two women are the definition of ‘boss chicks’.  They’re not only making their dreams a reality but they are lending their skilled hands and helping others do the same.  Just ThinkZilla…

 For those who are unfamiliar with your company, what is ThinkZilla Consulting Group?

 Velma: ThinkZILLA Consulting is an exclusive brand management and marketing firm.  The company was formed out of a need within Texas and Atlanta to help business owners reach real success. Our company uses many resources and relationships to help advocate our clients for media opportunities, as well as amazing advertising, design and branding elements.

What made you ladies decide to open this business?

 Velma: Again, we felt that there was a real need for marketing and brand development companies so we decided that it was time that we formalize our efforts and develop “ThinkZilla Consulting Group”. The thing is, we work in a highly competitive field and there are many people who believe they have what it takes to develop a marketing brand. However, implementation through smart resources and established relationships is key. No one in this business has a magic wand, but we do have the secret to success and our paying clients understand this, which is why we have had such a great response.

You ladies come from similar yet different business backgrounds, how did you two connect to form ThinkZilla?

 Ebony: Velma and I both met at an industry event that I was producing. Velma was a sponsor with her hair-line, Jazzy Girls Luxury Hair, which was already very successful, and we instantly connected. She and I respected each other’s work ethic and business acumens so we became great friends and then our friendship grew into a business relationship.

Did you experience any difficulties trying to come together on one accord so that ThinkZilla had only one vision and mission?

 Velma: No. We balance each other out, which is a great benefit to our clients. We agree our business relationship is based on give and take. We are open and honest with one another, and rely on each other to fill out where one of us might fall short.  I’m great at visual and relationship conceptualization

Ebony: And I’m great at bringing in new clients and closing the big deals.  We each bring our own skillset to the table, which is why ThinkZILLA has worked well thus far.

What types of clients do you help?

 Velma: We work with an array of clients from Fortune 500 companies, law firms, religious organizations, sport athletes, political affairs to entertainment production. We do it all and are armed with a great team that can handle it.

Does the client already need to have their business set and running before they come to you for your assistance?

Ebony: No, in fact, it is better if we can help build a brand and marketing plan from the ground up. Working with clients who have larger than life expectations for short periods of time is always a challenge. We can get there, but these goals and concepts have to be realized upon a strong foundation. If a client has already started their campaign without us, we do a brand redevelopment campaign. This means an assessment of what worked, didn’t work and then we refine and retool to make sure the client’s vision is realistic, has the potential to make money (not just look good), and to see how further opportunities can be spawned out of past and newly sought after efforts.

If a client decides to let ThinkZilla help enhance their vision, what can they expect to receive?

 Velma: Concierge style customer service.  We take the lead and ask the client to trust us. Our experience has put us on the map.  Clients who try to control too much of the campaign are bound to be frustrated with any PR or marketing firm they hire. So, we ask them to let us do our job so we can help evaluate their professions and companies. They can expect one-on-one consulting, access to many contacts in the industry and high exposure for their product/service/organization.

Besides, Atlanta and Houston, is there any expansion for ThinkZilla in the future plans?

Ebony: Yes. We are looking to open an office in Los Angles within the next year.

Is there anything else you ladies have your hands in that we should know?

Ebony: We’re currently running a “Buy a Business” promotion where clients can purchase a full, mobile capable website with content and design and also a customized logo to help get started in business. (And it is very affordable). We also have an upcoming artist showcase slated to hit Houston during the first weekend in December. This showcase is in conjunction with Atlantic Records / Udigg Music Group & Big Cat Records and will be the largest showcase to hit Houston. Shortly after Houston, we will be visiting other states so stay tuned! In addition “Velma will be launching her first e-book titled “15 Tips to Triple your Revenue in 3 Months”. The e-book can be found on Velma’s website, 

I always end my interviews with this question: what advice can you give someone who has a dream but are doubting their capability to reach it?

Ebony: The first action one should make is to stop self-doubt. Start envisioning yourself completing the necessary steps in order to reach the end goal. Be consistent with delivering affirmations to yourself that you will overcome hurdles. Most importantly, surround yourself with WINNERS. Make sure that you are constantly challenging your norm and pushing yourself to a higher level of consciousness. It’s important that your team or your surroundings make you a better person and push you to the next level.

Velma: Understand nothing will happen overnight. Success is built upon a series of milestones, so patience and persistence is going to be required. If you have the talent or a great idea, success will come. It is the patience and persistence that is the hard part but it is certainly feasible! CGM


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