Valentine’s Day…It’s More than Just a Holiday

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Valentine’s Day…It’s More than Just a Holiday

Written by: Patrice Rivers

Long live the singles!  It’s time to get it poppin’ as cupid comes once again preparing for love surgeries among the nation; operating on hearts so that love can be in the air!  Men and women shop for the best gift for their significant other.  What makes Valentine’s Day so special where men have to go all out just to please their women? Nothing like being spoiled with flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals, and yes money, money, money, money…MONEY!!!

But while lovers who are in real relationships expressing their love, what about the singles sitting all alone playing slow jams wishing they had a boo-thang and a valentines?  Some people get so desperate that they sometimes go looking for love in all of the wrong places.  One-night stands take place then the feeling of guilt follows the mind afterwards wishing it never happened.  Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, singles should remember that even if they are spending Valentine’s Day alone, it’s not a bad thing!  A lot of friends spend the evening together going to the movies or out to eat.  So do you really need a Valentine’s on this one holiday? I think not, unless you are the type that tries to prove a point or just plain desperate!

Now let’s talk about the couples preparing for this glorious holiday.  Do you feel like there should be a budget when buying gifts?  While shopping at the mall or other stores, you can get carried away because at that very moment, everything looks pleasing to the eye.  Always set a budget when shopping for a special someone on Valentine’s Day.  Nobody enjoys going broke afterwards! And sho’nuff money doesn’t grow on trees!

Also do you feel that men only go all out for their woman on this one particular day instead of expressing their love on a daily basis?  Sometimes this can be true because maybe some men aren’t too good at expressing themselves when it comes to romance and Valentine’s Day is definitely high on that list.  But it’s not all about the materialistic things; it’s more about showing the person how much you care.

I never saw so many men scrambling in the aisles of Wal-Mart getting dozens of balloons and a giant teddy bear that screams “Be my Valentine” or “I Love you.” Men can spend at least $200 on gifts, but the real gift is what lies in the heart.  A simple Valentine’s date could consist of a stay-at-home movie night and dinner or go out for dinner and a movie.  Ladies for one day you could even play video games with your man (some men would love having their woman playing games with them). Valentine’s Day should be everyday by expressing your love and bond for one another.

And as for my single folks again, remember never settle for less! Don’t go looking for a Valentine’s or a temporary “fix” unless it just happens.  Love is the real deal and we should spend it with the ones who deserve our love.

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Patrice Rivers is an author of two books, “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” and “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell.”  She is also a blogger for Black Bloggers Connect, a senior writer and blogger for Urban Image Magazine, and a columnist for Pen’Ashe Magazine.  You can find her books on and also you can follow her on twitter @LyricalFiYaH.

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